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Interesting Videos

Gi-Baek Taekwon-Do, Cape Town, South Africa


2nd African Championships 2014 -Maputo, Moçambique

Click here to view photos from this great event.

Click here to view an amazing demo by Fenias Cláudio.

The Jump - Fenias Cláudio
1st African Championships 1st African Championships Trophies

Interesting Videos

Student from Madagascar ITF - Bosabum Remi Francois

Student - 6 year old Andriamananjara Hosana Fehizoro

Click here to view this amazing display.

African Championships 2018
Participating Countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique Contests: 130 Click here to view images of this exciting event African Champs 2018

ITF World Championships 2013 Results CLICK HERE to download the zip file (32mg). ITF Congress CLICK HERE to download.

  23rd ITF Congress 23rd ITF Congress
World Championships Stands

The stands at World Championships

Johannes Malingoana - Lesotho

Johannes Malingoana Moroka from Lesotho and Sbm Annali Basson (TFA President)