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Interesting Videos

Gi-Baek Taekwon-Do, Cape Town, South Africa


2nd African Championships 2014 -Maputo, Moçambique

Click here to view photos from this great event.

Click here to view an amazing demo by Fenias Cláudio.

The Jump - Fenias Cláudio
1st African Championships 2009

1st African Championships

1st African Championships Trophies

Interesting Videos

Student from Madagascar ITF - Bosabum Remi Francois

Student - 6 year old Andriamananjara Hosana Fehizoro

Click here to view this amazing display.

African Championships 2018
Participating Countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique Contests: 130 Click here to view images of this exciting event African Champs 2018
World Championships

The stands at World Championships

Johannes Malingoana - Lesotho

Johannes Malingoana Moroka from Lesotho and Sbm Annali Basson (TFA President)

World Championships Stands