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World Taekwon-Do delegation heading to North Korea to discuss cooperation
Taekwon-Do Delegation

A World Taekwondo (WT) delegation left Seoul for Pyongyang on Tuesday to stage a taekwondo demonstration performance and discuss issues of cooperation with North Koreans.

The 49-member delegation, led by WT President Choue Chung-won, will arrive in Pyongyang via Beijing. The delegation will stay in Pyongyang until Saturday after receiving an invitation from the North Korean-led International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).

The delegation includes a demonstration team that is comprised of 18 South Korean taekwondo practitioners and four coaching and supporting staff members. They will have an exclusive one-hour performance at Taekwondo Hall in Pyongyang on Wednesday and will showcase a joint performance with the ITF demonstration team Friday.

This is the first time since April that the Seoul-based WT demonstration team is having a performance in the North Korean capital. That month, the demonstration team visited Pyongyang with a South Korean art troupe and also performed twice.

The delegation also has five foreigners, including WT Secretary General Hoss Rafaty.

WT hopes the Pyongyang visit can further strengthen its cooperation with ITF. In April, WT executive members weren't able to make the Pyongyang trip due to schedule reasons, but this time, WT chief Choue will lead the discussions.

"We are very happy that WT can perform again in Pyongyang," Choue said at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul. "Through this taekwondo demonstration performance, I hope we can contribute to the development of the inter-Korean relations." (Yonhap)

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